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Why People Go to Chiropractors


There are as many reasons for seeing a chiropractor as there are people. But the main constant among all of them is that they want pain relief. See more here.

Personal Injury

Many people first go to a chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident. Most car accidents leave people with a whiplash injury. Whiplash is something that chiropractors are uniquely able to treat. Chiropractors know how the neck is supposed to be aligned. More importantly, they know how to put the neck back where it belongs. See here for information about Chiropractic Care is Unique to You. Twins Chiropractic (M2) - 9

Holistic Care

Many people go to chiropractors because chiropractors treat the whole person. Often when a person sees a medical doctor, that doctor only knows about one specific part of the human body. On the other hand, a chiropractor’s basic philosophy is that all the body systems work together to achieve balance and be pain-free. When one system is out of whack, it causes problems everywhere. A chiropractor will be interested in the patient’s entire medical history to put their body back into balance.

Chronic Pain

After years of trying solutions that didn’t work for their chronic pain, many people end up at the chiropractor. Often, having a chiropractor put the spine back into alignment will ease the pain.