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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Daniel Clements

Chiropractors PlacentiaAs Dr. Daniel was getting his degree in Pre-Med, he recognized the path that healthcare was heading towards, with ongoing prescriptions and only treating the symptoms rather than the cause of disease. This allowed him to move his professional career towards an area that would really help people.

He was inspired by chiropractic, a profession with a much more PROACTIVE approach to health, and to teach his patients the most effective and natural methods of pain relief, spinal corrections and general healthcare.


Dr. David Clements

Before I chose chiropractic as a career, I was on the path to become a medical doctor. My older brother was a chiropractor at the that time and he told me how chiropractic heals the body. It just made sense, when there is pressure on a nerve then the organ the nerve innervates will not function properly.



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