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Benefits of Digital X-rays

Digital x-ray of bodyWith technology usage on the rise, it is important to change with the times.

You may think to yourself “why fix what’s not broken,” but with rapid advances in technology there is always room for improvement-especially in the medical field.

So why not modernize x-ray usages as well?

Digital radiography, also known as digital x-rays, is the production of x-rays without the use of analog film. Unlike standard x-rays, digital x-rays can capture clear images of bones and tissues with electronic sensors. Due to their ability to be seen on a monitor and reviewed by providers as soon as the images are taken- doctors can provide a faster diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan based on findings within minutes. With updated technology, providers can manipulate results by enhancing quality to produce a clearer and more precise image-i.e. adjusting image brightness, contrast and magnification. This is especially important in chiropractic care.

X-rays should always be taken by the treating doctor and reviewed before any adjustments to be sure there are no dislocations, fractures, cancer, tumors or any other potentially dangerous conditions for the patient.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Another benefit to digital x-rays is portability. Since the x-rays are saved as JPEG images in the patient’s file and stored on a computer program, accessibility is at the click of a button. This is extremely helpful for patients who are receiving various forms of treatment. For example, a patient that is being treating for chiropractic care and is now being referred out to a pain management or physical therapy; the office can forward over imaging through secure email to better assist the patient in future treatment.

Lastly, digital x-rays are much safer for patients due to reduced radiation–digital x-rays offer about 90% less radiation in comparison to standard x-rays.

With patient health and safety at the heart of our practice, Twins Chiropractic and Physical Medicine offers digital x-rays to patients on their initial visit and review their findings with the doctor in order to help them understand their injuries and treatment plan. Learn more by contacting us today!




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