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Why do Chiropractors Hire Massage Therapists?


When people go to a chiropractor’s office, they are sometimes surprised to find that there are massage therapists on staff and the doctors. It’s not that surprising. These two fields of holistic medicine are closely interrelated.

When you think about the basic principles of chiropractic, it makes sense to add on massage therapy. Chiropractic teaches that the natural state of the human body is to be healthy. A healthy body has muscles that are naturally relaxed. Massage relaxes muscles, thereby promoting health. Visit this link for more information.


Life Happens

However, when life happens to a body, it sometimes becomes unhealthy. An accident might throw the spine out of alignment. An elbow might get strained from overwork. Stress might make us tense up the muscles anywhere in the body. Read about Are Chiropractors Licensed to Practice here.

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When pain enters the picture, a visit to a chiropractor is in order. The chiropractor will adjust the spine so that the affected nerves are free.

Once the bones are eased back into the right place, the muscles around them are disturbed. Why? Because they’ve gotten used to being tightened up against the pain.

Now is the best time for a massage therapist to come in and help the muscles relax into their proper, natural, pain-free place.