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What to Expect When You Go to a Chiropractor


Some people are afraid to go to a chiropractor. That’s just fear of the unknown. Once people learn what happens at the chiropractor’s office, they lose their fear and gain a life free from pain. Learn more here.


Initial Consultation

When patients go in for their initial consultation, they will notice a different attitude toward their health. A medical doctor might be focused on their particular specialties – like internal medicine or orthopedics. But a chiropractor is focused on the whole of the human body. It is because chiropractors believe that the body’s natural state is a balance between the body’s working systems. When all parts of the body are in accord, the patient will enjoy a pain-free, healthy life. Learn more about Is Chiropractic Safe.

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Other people might be afraid of the actual spinal manipulation. A chiropractor doesn’t “crack” your back as some people think. He merely aligns the bones where they are supposed to be. When the bones are in the proper position, the nerves can work properly. When a nerve is irritated, it causes pain. Any popping noises coming from the compression of nitrogen gas bubbles within the joints are like a person popping their knuckles.