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Is Chiropractic Safe?


Many people all over the world visit chiropractors regularly. Other people don’t go to chiropractors because they think they might get hurt.

The short answer is: yes. Chiropractic is safe as long as an actual chiropractor is treating you. Chiropractors undergo years of training to know how to perform manipulations safely. Chiropractors do manipulate the bones in the spine. At times these adjustments may leave a person with sore muscles afterward. Still, the movements the chiropractor makes are not harmful. Click here for facts about Garden Grove, CA.


All Patients are Different

First of all, chiropractors treat each patient differently. Different people will receive different adjustments. Chiropractors believe it is essential to get to know each patient’s history and learn their health goals and their pain issues to perform their adjustments safely. If a patient is fearful, a chiropractor will use mild adjustments. Or the chiropractor might use manipulations that do not involve force. A patient who is familiar with chiropractic adjustments and is not fearful will tolerate more forceful adjustments. Click here to read about Why People Go to Chiropractors.

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Minimizing Risk

Chiropractors take many steps to ensure a safe experience. During the initial evaluation, usually, X-rays are taken, and a digital nerve exam is done to rule out any other body issues.