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How Physical Therapy Adds to Chiropractic Value


Most people don’t know it, but having tight muscles in a particular place in the body puts a constant force on the nearby joint. If that continual pulling isn’t stopped, the joint eventually will be pulled out of alignment.

Then the chain of pain continues to other areas because the misaligned joint puts more stress on places in the body that are not meant to handle that stress. Further facts about Garden Grove, CA can be found here.



Tight muscles change your posture. It puts more load on more joints. For example, having tightness in your hip flexor muscles can pull the spine and the pelvis forward. The body wants to stand correctly. The lower back muscles get tired and may become inflamed because of the constant pulling from the hip flexors. Eventually, your body tries to redistribute the weight from the misaligned spine and causes more pain and more joint damage. Information about Why do Chiropractors Hire Massage Therapists can be found here.

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Chiropractic and Physical Rehab

Once your chiropractor gets your joints back into their proper places, you will want to keep them there. Your chiropractor may recommend that you start a program of physical rehab. The therapists will show you exercises you can do to keep your spine in proper alignment, strengthen the muscles, and save the joints from further damage.