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Find a Full-Service Chiropractic Office


A right chiropractic office can find many additional holistic therapies. You don’t have to go all around town to several different clinics to keep your body in good health and free of pain. More can be found here.


Massage Therapy

Don’t let your preconceptions color your view of massage. It’s not just a fun thing to do at a spa. It is serious medicine for your body.

Tight muscles can cause significant problems with your spinal alignment and, over time, can even cause joint damage. Having a massage that relaxes tight muscles will help your body heal. Being at the same clinic with the chiropractor, the massage therapist knows what area your body needs special attention. Learn more about How Physical Therapy Adds to Chiropractic Value.

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Some chiropractic clinics offer acupuncture sessions. A skilled practitioner should perform these sessions, holding a doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. As part of the holistic approach to health, acupuncture treatments can aid in muscle relaxation and stress relief.


Physical Medicine

An excellent full-service chiropractic clinic will offer a physical rehab component to their treatments. The exercises and stretching motions in this treatment plan can help with sports injuries and acute injuries like a torn ligament or a sprained ankle.