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The City of Yorba Linda, California

California is a beautiful place with its mountains, deserts, and beaches. Yorba Linda is one of the nicest cities in California; it has an interesting history that you may not know about. Yorba Linda was founded by Edward R Yorba who wanted to create his own town after he found gold in Yorba Linda Creek. He had originally named the city “Yorba” but changed it to Yorba Linda when he realized there was already another Yorba in Riverside County. See more here.

Yorba Linda is a relatively new city, established in 1887. Yorba Linda has grown tremendously over the years and was once dubbed one of America’s best places to live by Money Magazine. Information about Fullerton, California: What to Do and Where to Eat can be found here.

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Yorba Linda boasts being one of only two remaining cities within Orange County with no ethnic majority and there are plenty of parks for recreation available like Yorba Regional Park which offers mountain biking trails and campsites for people camping out during any season they please. One thing Yorba Linda does have though is a lot of dog lovers! Yorba Linda has the largest number of dog parks in all of California with Yorba Regional Park being one of them.

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