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Garden Grove, CA is Festive Town


Garden Grove, CA is Full of Festivals

Do you love festivals spanning various themes and including a spectrum of activities? If so, then Garden Grove is one of the cities you will be sure to get a treat of this exclusive activity. One impressive thing about Garden Grove is that it usually features a host of festivals throughout the year. While some of them might not be as big and vibrant, they typically feature exciting events welcoming to the whole family. Some of them include. Learn more here.

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is the event to attend if you love sweet, delicious strawberries. If you’re visiting Garden Grove during Memorial Day weekend, you have to go to the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the United States, and hundreds of thousands of people are part of it every year. The festival started in the 50s to celebrate the strong agricultural roots of Garden Grove, which remain very much alive up until today. Learn more about Garden Grove, CA, is a Diner’s Paradise.

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Test Festival

Tet Festival is held each February in conjunction with the Tet & Chinese New Year. It is the most observed holiday in the Vietnamese community and is usually hosted by the Vietnamese Student Union Association, in conjunction with a Tet Festival Committee.